Gravston Ongoing

by Rogo

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Gravston is the story of one Samuel Mortimer, small-town teenager with an unusual hobby – he’s death. More specifically, he’s the Death Host, a being who embodies death and whose duty it is to rid the world of creatures known as Demons. These immortal creatures defy the laws of life and death and as such, need to be stopped… or at least that’s what Samuel thinks. In pursuit of a person known only as the ‘Blood Freak’ Samuel and his friends confront the strange and wonderful mysteries of their home town. Strange things happen in the town of Gravston and it’s only going to get stranger… Gravston is updated Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

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Chapters ( 1 )

#1 The Rotten Child

28 pages
Created: 13 Aug. 2017 Updated: 13 Aug. 2017 Latest Page


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